brunch at elmo.

One of my favorite “trendy” things about New York is definitely brunch. Sure, I went to “brunch” with my family after church back in Pennsylvania, but the mom & pop diner we went to for $5 omelets wasn’t exactly comparable to the way New Yorkers do up their favorite meal.

Yesterday – with a plan-less and responsibility-less Saturday ahead of us – some girlfriends and I met for brunch at Elmo in Chelsea. It was a fun spot with outdoor seating, a spacious inside, and a sort of swanky, LA feel to it (according to my friends, at least).

We started with the Truffle French Fries, which were just about as delicious as they sound.

For my meal I got a cheddar and avocado omelet. It came with home fries, toast, and a small field green salad.

Next time, though, I’ll probably get the Cobb Salad, which my friend Jessi got. Because – let’s be real – a massive bowl of chicken, bacon, and cheese is my kinda salad.

From all of the amazing brunch destinations I’ve heard about, I apparently need to up my repertoire, but Elmo was definitely a decent place to start.

Do you get breakfast or lunch food when brunching?
And, just so I know, are you enjoying my NYC restaurant reviews? Because I predict many more to come…!

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