insomniac in the making.

Aside from the occasional tossing and turning, I’ve never really had any issues with sleep. In fact, I sort of pride myself on my impeccable sleeping skills (or should I say, skillzzz?). I might not be able to nap like a pro, but give me 10 minutes after hitting the hay and I’ll be out like a light.

(Would you like me to use more sleeping-related cliches? Because I’m sure I can think of some.)

But to my dismay, ever since moving a few weeks ago, I’ve been going to bed 2-3 hours later than usual. And I don’t like that. Not one bit.

You see, I’m that person who needs at least 8 hours of sleep to even function properly. Thankfully I’ve been able to compensate by sleeping in (one of the perks of working from home), but what am I going to do when my job doesn’t allow for that? Let’s just say I’m pretty certain that 5 hours of sleep will not result in me being employee of the month anytime soon.

You might think I’m overreacting. I mean, doesn’t the majority of society average 5-6 hours of sleep per night? I just know that I’m not and cannot be one of those people. Not to mention that I thought I’d start going to bed earlier as I got older – not later. The strange thing is that I probably could fall asleep around 9:30pm, but there’s something about my new apartment that makes me drag my feet to go to bed. I think it has something to do with not wanting to go to bed until I know I’ll fall asleep instantly…?

Whatever the case may be, I need to implement some changes to get my sleeping schedule back on…schedule. Here are some things I’m going to try.

  1. Unplug from the computer at least an hour before bedtime (8:30pm seems like a good cut-off).
  2. Drink a mug of “Sleepytime” tea.
  3. Force myself to wake up earlier in the morning, hence causing me to be tired earlier in the night.

Do you have any other ideas to help me go to bed earlier??

At this point, I think #3 will be the easiest, thanks to this new breakfast favorite.

That would be a Breakfast Pizzert a la Chocolate-Covered Katie. This morning was my second Pizzert, and I don’t see the habit stopping anytime soon.

I followed Katie’s recipe, using spelt flour (because I didn’t have pastry flour) and pumpkin instead of applesauce. I can’t wait to get more creative with toppings, but for now my favorites are white chocolate and peanut butter.

You’ve got to try this! It’s like eating a huge, dense pancake. And, considering the fact that pizza and pancakes are two of my favorite foods, I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to hop out of bed and eat breakfast.

Take THAT, impending insomnia.


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    Ugh, I hate insomnia! I struggle with it a lot too. I don’t even get that physically tired, sleeping is just the only time my brain shuts off from worrying so I just NEED that time to regenerate my mental health or I go nuts!

    Have you ever tried a Melatonin supplement? It is just a natural body chemical that regulates sleep-wake cycles and it works really well without the hangover feeling of sleeping pills. And its not addictive in away way. It really helps me!

    • Gracie says

      Others have suggested Melatonin, but there was mention that it *does* leave you with a bit of a depression hangover…? I don’t think I’m up for taking that risk!

  2. says

    Oh that DOES look good!

    I used to have huge insomnia issues. Reading in bed about 30 minutes before I want to fall asleep definitely helps.

    No caffeine past 3p either.

    Good luck — I too need 8 hours of sleep!

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    Oh my GOSH! Seeing this really (really!) made my day. And your photos are so so gorgeous (well, they always are, so that’s no surprise :)). I cannot thank you enough for trying out my recipe…and making it look so good!

    I usually play sudoku before bed. If I start reading a book, I know I won’t want to put it down and go to sleep.

    Happy Monday, sweet girl!! 🙂

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    Hey 🙂 This is the first time I’ve checked out your blog but I really like it!

    It helps me to take a warm bath and then use lavendar scented lotion (I love the baby lotion from johnson & johnson! It smells divine!) and that seems to help. Reading is another thing I do everynight before bed. I think having a routine helps your body knows when it’s time to go to sleep.

    I also agree that turning off phones/internet/tv 1 hour before bed is a must!

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    I have been saying to myself for the past month or so that I need to make Kaites Pizzert! Im thinking the time is NOW! Looks so good!

    I have insomnia, I never sleep and it really stinks, Im thinking of shutting down al technology a couple hours before bed, and maybe reading in bed, I need to do something! Happy Monday! xoxo

    • Gracie says

      Hey Jessica! I used Ghirardelli white chocolate chips (which melted on the hot Pizzert) and natural peanut butter (which I microwaved for 30 seconds so it would get melty/drizzley). 🙂

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    I’ve been an insomniac for a few years now (after a very rough time in my personal life). I find that deplugging and TURNING OFF my computer 2 hours before bed helps a lot. I make some sleepytime or chamomile tea and read in bed. Sometimes I take Melatonin (a natural sleep aid). Seems to help a lot! I feel refreshed when I wake up and end up waking up earlier so that the trend continues where I naturally go to sleep earlier.

  7. says

    I’ve been having major issues sleeping lately too. Some advice I got from others – melatonin and/or magnesium supplements. I also read a really boring book. True story. It helps. 🙂 Good luck girl – I feel your pain!

    That pizzert looks amazing…..

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    Something calming like a crossword or Sudoku usually helps me! And I agree that Melatonin is very helpful! It’ll knock you right out but it does make you feel a little depressed the next day because it lowers serotonin, I believe.
    I love the breakfast pizza! I’ll have to try that!

    • Gracie says

      Eeek, the risk of feeling depressed the next day definitely turns me off from the idea of using Melatonin. Plus, I don’t really have a problem with falling asleep, it’s more an issue of unwinding/getting myself to slow down, ya know?

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    I used to be one of those “I need 8 hours minimum!” people until the baby came along. Now I take what I can get! I force myself to go to bed at 9pm because that’s the only way I get enough sleep. It would be a tough love approach, but if I were you, I’d just start getting up earlier and eventually you’ll be tired enough to go to bed earlier without dragging your feet. But you might be pretty fuzzy headed and cranky for a few days 🙂

    • Gracie says

      I haven’t tried melatonin…someone else mentioned that as well! The thing is, I don’t really have trouble getting tired, I just have trouble unwinding. Does that make sense? 🙂

      • says

        Try this book: It’s called Quiet the Mind. My husb has trouble unwinding because he says that he can never stop thinking. That he lays there and it just goes on and on and on. He read just the first couple chapters of this book and he said its the first time he’s ever been able to completely stop the thoughts. There is a technique in there that helped him a lot, but I don’t remember exactly what it said to do. I don’t have trouble unwinding at all and as soon as my head hits the pillow I’m OUT. lol Anyway, you may want to check it out. It’s not a very big book, so it shouldn’t take too long to read.

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    Your breakfast pizza looks fantastic! i might make one of those tonight, actually.

    And good idea on getting to sleep earlier..I’ve been having the same problems which isn’t good considering school’s about to start up again. Getting away from the computer’s my #1 issue!

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    I struggle with this sometimes, too! I just try to avoid naps if at all possible and turn off the computer at least an hour and a half before I want to go to bed. I also avoid watching anything that might freak me out… this includes Paranormal Activity (NOT good to watch before sleep!) haha, learned this lesson the hard way last weekend…

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    I don’t know how people live off of only 5-6 hours of sleep! I totally agree that I need a solid 8. I find my ritual of reading in bed before turning off the lights helps to make me sleep.

    Also I read somewhere that if you’re trying to shift your sleep patterns, do it in 15 minute increments (ie. 12:00 one night, 11:45 the next) because it helps make the changes last. Good luck girl! 🙂

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    Are you sure it doesn’t have anything to do with caffeine? I know I have insomnia-like nights where I cannot fall asleep until 2-3am only to find out it’s because I had some iced tea at lunch! Sure it should’ve worn off by then, but it didn’t. Weird, right?
    Anyways, good luck with the insomnia thing and that pizzert looks fantastic. I’ll definitely have to give that a try! 🙂

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    I am the same way. I need my full 8 hours of sleep to function properly. Everyone makes fun of me for going to sleep so early, but I got to get my beauty rest! 🙂

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    I hate it when I mean to go to bed early but actually end up falling asleep at like, midnight. Even when I wake up early and am tired the whole day, I never learn my lesson! I seriously need to just turn off all electronics (which have proven to help a LOT for me in the past) and read a book or something before going to bed early. 🙂
    & mmm, pizzert! I’m so gonna try that soon~!

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    I am not one of those people who can survive on six hours of sleep. I am in my bed at 9 p.m. at the latest on weeknights. Then, I read until my eyes cannot stayed open anymore. That can be anywhere from 9:00-9:30 depending on how tired I am!

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    I need my sleep too. Gotta have at least 8 or 9 hours, especially because I wake up a few times each night to go to the bathroom. I could never do all nighters in college…I just need my sleep! So I go to bed early, try not to drink too much water before bed, and read before I fall asleep.

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    Holy mannn, I need to work on that too! Shutting off the comp is definitely a good idea, I should get on that;) Something that always helps me get to sleep is having a carbalicious snack with some healthy fats, like a banana with almond butter. Helps me go to sleep, and stay asleep!

  19. says

    I’ve also been having trouble going to sleep at a reasonable time on the weeknights, so I have been trying a few different things myself. Funny enough, two of them are turning off the computer early (for me it’s 9:30pm) and drinking my Sleepytime tea! I have a hard time sticking to them, though. I hope it goes better for you…keep us updated!

    PS – Just found your blog a week or two ago, and I’ve been lurking around since. It’s quickly become one of my favorites 🙂

  20. says

    I am the same way… I MUST get 8 hours, but it rarely happens. 🙁 I wake up before 6, since I’m a school teacher. Which means getting being asleep at 9:45ish.

    Your ideas all seem good, reading in bed helps me fall asleep fast too! No TV in my bedroom! 😉

  21. says

    I literally laughed out loud reading this. I will sleep better tonight knowing that I’m not the only one who USED to be proud of their sleeping abilities! Getting older really does have the pros and CONS!

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    I was actually labeled an “insomniac” by a psychiatrist when I was in high school…don’t know if I ever told you that. I go through spurts where I absolutely cannot sleep and lie wide awake all night. It’s directly related to the depression I’ve battled, so it’s actually kind of a useful tool to see how happy I really am beneath the surface, but fortunately it’s been about a year and a half since I had any real struggles. My biggest tip is to make the room darker about an hour before bed. Turn off all lights but one lamp- you’ll feel yourself getting sleepier!

    • Gracie says

      I did not know that! I do wonder if my aversion to going to bed has something to do with my new-found loneliness at the new place…?

      Making the room darker is a great tip. I’ll have to try that!

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    This looks delicious! This is the second version of it that I’ve seen this morning. I just might have to make it myself!

    Hope your sleeping gets better. I’ve been having the exact same problem. Like you, I need at least 7.5 hours, preferably 8, but lately I’ve been getting about 6! My problem is also going to bed waaay too late. I’m looking forward to seeing what works for you!

  24. says

    When I struggle to fall asleep, it’s because my mind is racing. I keep a notebook beside by bed so I can jot down all of my ‘to-dos,’ random thoughts and whatever else is in my head preventing me from falling asleep. Once it’s written down I feel like I’m more able to let it go and get some rest.

    I also try to stop ‘doing’ about an hour before I want to go to bed. I stop cleaning, checking e-mail, blogging, chores and anything else. I’ll sit and read or watch mindless TV, but I try not to do anything that requires a ton of thinking.

  25. Carm says

    …considering I’m a CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy) therapist, and CBT for insomnia has GREAT outcomes, I have a lot to say on this topic. So much, in fact, that you’d do better to e-mail me for an actual dialogue, if you really want or need one. I’d be glad to give you tips/pointers.

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    My problem isn’t getting into bed, it’s getting to sleep when I get there. That said, I try to eat dinner by 6:30 so my food will have time to digest and I can get everything cleaned and put away in time to get into bed by 9 or 9:30.

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    I have horrible sleep patterns always have. Lori is the opposite, she falls asleep and stays asleep. We both stay up way later than we should, which I know makes it hard for both of us to get up early. I used to be okay with just 6 hours of sleep, but the past few months I have needed 8 or more!!!! Crazy! If I find anything that helps I will let you know!!

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    All of those options sound good. If you like reading, try replacing your computer with a book after a certain time. Reading in bed always makes me sleepy.

    I’m the same way, though. If I get any less than 8 hours everyone else should beware!


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