I don’t like this flavor.

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen that there was an unwelcome guest in my Luna Bar the other day.


Unfortunately I came across this after already eating 3/4 of the bar.


At first I decided not to post about this, but I can’t stop wondering. Does anyone knows what kind of bug/larva that is? And what’s up with the web stuff??

(I can’t believe I just had to type the word “larva” in relation to something I ate. GAG :()

So…any idea?

Have you ever found a creepy crawler in your food??


  1. Regina says

    My husband and I were drinking our weekly Starbucks in April when he found a centipede in his iced coffee!! Thank God it wasn’t a frappacino. We contacted Starbucks and they had no idea how a live bug got into a drink that you can easily see bugs in. After about a month of pleading for them to do something then just a free drink (which is what you get when they just get the wrong order–not infect your drink with a LIVE BUG), they sent us gift certificates, mugs, tea cups, coffee, etc.

  2. Calla says

    WOOOOOOW! Okay, something is going on at the Luna Bar factory because just one month ago I ate one (the ENTIRE thing) before realizing I was eating WOOD CHIPS (I found one in my last bite of the bar and was able to save it before swallowing). I had to go to the ER because a piece was stuck in my throat!!! It was an awful experience and had me shaken up for a while afterwards. I hope you are doing okay after that awful experience you just had. I certainly understand what you are going through. In my case, I contacted the company (in case they needed to do a recall or something, they should know when stuff like this happens) and they were very nice about it.

    I really hope that you are alright/feel better!! No more Luna Bars for us!

  3. says

    Omg! That is disgusting. I wouldn’t expect that in a packaged bar since they’re supposed to be sealed airtight and not allow for bacteria to develop. Yuck! But, I have found something similar – a maggot looking thing in my Summer Fresh hummus – it was a plastic container and I was also dipping something in it and had a couple bites before I realized what was alive in there!

  4. jo says

    oh gosh i probably would have just thought that was part of the luna grain mix because i eat those things so dang quickly. YUCK! i found a worm on a frozen pizza once. very, very disturbing.

    • will says

      had that same experience today, some kind of mealwormy thing after i had taken a few bites…disturbing is the word!

  5. says

    We recently sound something similar in a Thai curry dish I made – it was actually on the basil from our farmer’s market!

    So gross – I’m just happy it was on Isaac’s plate instead of mine. 😉

  6. says

    Bahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! GROSS! I can’t help you out on naming it but I do feel your pain. One time I steam-freshed some broccoli and when I opened it and poured some onto my plate there was a dead black bug in there with it!!!! Ew. I can’t imagine how grossed out I’d be if I’d eaten half of the bar already! I hope you contacted them or something

  7. Jules says

    I think it’s a meal worm. If you google bugs in our food, you will find some very disturbing statistics about all the crap that ends up on our food. Soooo gross!

  8. says

    haha man. that is pretty gross. it happens to me all the time in africa. i buy oats and they are already filled with bugs.

    maggots i won’t eat but some of the harmless looking ones in our rice and flour and oats i just chalk up to more protein because i’d go insane otherwise.

  9. says

    Oh wow. I feel totally grossed out and I wasn’t even there. I know I will never be able to eat a Luna bar. I can’t image finding a bug in something pre-packages. Fortunately the worst Ive ever had is bugs in produce which isn’t that bad.


  10. Alison says

    That is soo disgusting that you found a BUG in your Luna Bar!!! I expected more of them…especially for paying almost $2 a bar! Did you call the company & report the incident? I think we should ban Luna Bars until they get this pest problem under control! lol

    One time, I opened a box of macaroni cheese to find it INFESTED with tiny black bugs. I mean they were everywhere and it totally grossed me out. Now I always inspect my food before I eat it.

  11. Lauren says

    Oh Gracie, that is awful! If you contact the company and they respond, will you do a follow up post to let us know what they say? I eat Luna bars ALL the time…but am now absolutely horrified!!

  12. says

    Did you contact Luna? That is crazy – I bet it got into the grains or something, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the web stuff was mold…

  13. Leigh says

    I found this site through Google after having a similar experience with a Luna Bar. I was eating a Smores bar today and after I bit it, I saw there was a LIVE worm in it and webbing all along the side. Needless to say, I spat the offending piece out right out and washed my mouth out a million times.

    I used to love Luna Bars, but something here is not right :/


    • Gracie says

      Hi Leigh!! Thanks for leaving this comment. As sorry as I am to hear that you had a similar (worse) experience, I’m in a way relieved that I wasn’t the only one. I must admit that I was wary to speak out about this in the first place because I didn’t know if it was an isolated incident, you know? Especially because the response I received from the company made me feel like I was crazy or something (I write more about it here: http://girlmeetslife.com/2010/11/an-unfortunate-reminder).

      Something here is most definitely not right….

  14. says

    Oh my gosh I am so grossed out and need to stop reading these comments right now! I just bought some Luna bars the other day and am tempted to just return them now!
    The only time this ever happened to me when was I was eating one of those small foil wrapped Resees and same thing- little maggots inside- disgusting! Haven’t eaten one since.

  15. angela segarra says

    I am not joking when I tell you I found one in mine too. I contacted them and they gave me some excuse. Can we sue?


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